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Podcasts - The Key To Success

Posted by TRCKtrace on Oct 16, 2019 12:03:00 PM
At conventions and conferences such as Radiodays Europe and NAB, but also on online forums, there is a lot of speculation about what the radio landscape will look like in the future. How do you remain relevant as a station for the constantly changing listener habits?
Podcasts have been in and out of the spotlight for quite some time but what makes them so appealing to the listeners, and why are they are they becoming more and more popular?


The Era Of Podcasts Has Arrived (1) (1)


The main reason that the podcasts are so popular is that the format is created to fit in our daily lives - from doing house chores, working or studying to falling asleep. What makes them so appealing is the topic diversity - you will find a podcast about any topic that you are interested in.
Podcasts could be informative and for entertainment purposes. The format of podcasts allows to gain understanding in many subjects — you can now easily expand your knowledge in many different areas. Many people don't have the time to read full-length study material, so they prefer to listen to it in, especially if it’s presented entertainingly.

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Check your Spotify. The Swedish music app has been experiencing huge growth in the last year thanks to their plans to offer more podcasts. Did you notice all the suggestions they offer?
Celebrity podcasts are also gaining popularity among listeners and almost every famous YouTubers, Influencers or artists are creating their podcasts. Most podcasts feature with different seasons and episodes on varied topics usually including special guests.
Podcasts are a convenient, entertaining, cheap and personal way to inform or entertain yourself on a specific topic and this is only the beginning of the popular podcast growth. If even Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg decides to start podcasting, you can no longer ignore the fact of its importance.

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