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Which Social Media Platform To Choose When Promoting Music?

Posted by Yoanna Petkova on Jul 12, 2019 3:30:00 PM

Deciding where and how to promote your music is a very important step in becoming a successful artist. Before you begin with the advertisement of your persona and music, you need to carefully outline a marketing strategy plan. If you are planning on posting the same message across all social media channels it will most likely backfire against you and will leave you feeling burnt out and frustrated.


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Picking The Right Channel


It is very important to pick the right social channel/s for your music promotion - whether it is Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media - make sure you have mastered all of its' functions.

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Which social platform to choose?


All platforms are unique - they host different audiences and all social media platforms communicate different messages. The following platforms are one of the most popular among successful artisists:


For example, Facebook is the biggest social media platform and is an ideal way to create relationships with other people. Having a Facebook page will increase the popularity chances of your other social media accounts - as you can easily link all of your accounts in the profile description box.

However, recently it's been hard to get your content out there in the open and to be seen by thousands of people - without paying for it! Because of the way the Facebook algorithm work, it is now harder to be noticed organically. In order to be seen by more people, you need to pay for post-promos which guarantee you to increase your audience reach. You can access this via the Facebook Ads Manager - it's an important tool, so make sure you know how to use it.




The Ads Manager helps you with the creation, publication, and management of your paid posts. You can also select which audience groups to target for your promos and set your budget for the campaigns. Another benefit of the Ads Manager is that you can see how your ads are performing, from there you can view how many people viewed the post, clicked on the link, and engaged with it.


Creating a business Instagram account is also one of the best ways to stay in touch with your audience - because you can show glimpses of your life through the Instagram Stories. Instagram is a great social media channel to have an engaged and targeted audience. Through Instagram, you can build your brand by visual aids - pictures and short videos (or long on IGTV). Through hashtags, you can target the right audience to see your posts. Moreover, if you are planning on doing paid advertisements, Facebook owns Instagram and you can promote your Instagram posts through the Facebook Ads Manager. So if you are familiar with the Facebook Ads Manager, you need to link your Instagram account with Facebook, and you are set.


Creating a Twitter account can help you gain the affection of your fans by showing your true personality. Communication through Twitter is easy, fast and convenient. Depending on what kind of message you want to communicate through Twitter, it can be a great tool for posting new music, sharing thoughts regarding the music industry news, answering questions from fans or just sharing your thoughts.

Of course, Twitter has targeted ads from where you can promote your posts and reach a wider audience. The Promote Mode (or Twitter Ads) lets you reach more people, expand your tweets reach, and monitor your paid-promo campaign.

Snapchat is a unique tool that has been gaining popularity among brands and artists. Depending on your audience, Snapchat can be a fun and effective way to promote and connect with people. The focus of Snapchat is on telling a few-seconds story in a fun and fast-paced way. Snapchat is definitely an informal way to express your thoughts in front of your fans. It can also lead to visual sharing opportunities that other social media channels don't possess.


Of course, having an Artist YouTube channel is a must for every artist that is creating and uploading music. It gives you access to a huge audience and it is a starter for your social media channels. Having your songs uploaded on YouTube is a great way for generating content to your other accounts - you can always share the music video and earn extra views.



Having an appealing Website is also something that must be done when you want to become a successful artist. An official website gives your fans a place online where they can find you no matter which social media you are using. Your website must be informative - your newest singles, tour dates, merchandise, contact info, etc. Also, make sure to include a link to your social media accounts on your website so that your fans know your real channels.

Start with building your social media channel


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A great bio, profile picture, and catchy name will surely draw the first impression on your profile. Of course, the content you post on your account is of much more importance, as this will be the reason why someone will start following you, and eventually become a fan. Make sure your posts are customized, appealing and engaging.

Don't spam your followers with repetitive music promos - nobody likes seeing the same content twice in one day. In contrast, tailor your song promo to actually appeal to your fan base, maybe even tell/show some behind-the-scenes facts - so that your fans feel connected to you and can relate to your personality. This way you can maximize your social media channels and your promotion efforts.

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