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Shazam Is Stepping Up The Music Identification Game

Posted by Yoanna Petkova on Jun 13, 2019 4:12:58 PM

Have you ever heard a great song on the Radio, YouTube video or down the street, and you want immediately to know the name and binge-listen to it?

In the world of music recognition, Shazam is the king of the music identification apps. With its' clean interface, iconic blue button, and smart features, Shazam is the most popular song recognition app.




Shazam is a free app, used by thousands of people daily to identify music that’s being played and see what others are discovering.

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After years of being requested, Shazam has released it's newest Android update - Pop-Up Shazam. The newest feature can automatically recognize music through your headphones with a combination of the in-app music identification.

Moreover, with the Shazam Discover option, you can read news from the music industry and discover the newest releases. You can also access The Shazam Charts, where you can view what other users are searching for through the app.




If the above-mentioned features are not enough - you can also access My Shazam, which presents you with additional information about the song you have searched. In My Shazam, you can listen to a sample of the song, play it on Spotify/ Apple Music, watch the video clip or find similar songs.

Last but not least, with the Visual Shazam you can access posters, magazines, and movies embedded QR code using the camera.

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