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Is Talent A Necessary Ingredient In Successful Artists?

Posted by Yoanna Petkova on May 30, 2019 6:35:40 PM

Can talent be a factor in becoming a successful artist? Or can you claim to be successful without a hint of talent?


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In today's blog, we will be discussing whether or not talent is a needed ingredient to be successful.


Many people will claim that you must have a talent in order to be a musician, actor, etc. However, there are many supporting pieces of evidence that talent is not that important when you are trying to succeed. The most important factor in becoming good at something is through hard work and persistence.


Without no doubt, we can say that some people are more artistic and "gifted" than others in certain areas but does it mean that "regular" people who don't have this inner feeling of being musical or artistical can't become as good as "talented" people? Yes, they can. Art, whether it is to play an instrument, sing, act, or draw, are mechanical skills that can be mastered if you put effort and practice in them. Learning an artistic skill is the same as every other skill. Of course, it doesn't mean it will be easy - some people take up on certain skills easier than others, so don't get discouraged if you take more time than the rest - it will be worth it.

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So do you need talent to be a great singer?


No, you don't - as with any mechanical skill, singing can be learned. Whether or not you have the natural instrument that gives you the range you desire or the timbre you’d like to have, you can still become great, as long as you are willing to put in the time and effort, and have the financial means to cover for regular lessons with a professional.


Moreover, it also depends on what your goals are. Whether you want to be a great singer for yourself, or whether you want to pursue a professional career out of it. No matter what the reason is, don't forget that it will be a long road filled with hard work, knowledge, and sacrifices.


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It also depends on what a great singer means to you - If you’re looking to become in the top greatest singers in the world, remember that there are amazing singers that are not known, and are not in the spotlight. There are also a lot of mediocre singers who are considered to be "talented" but are in the spotlight for other reasons than the quality of their singing voice. So everything depends on your motives - what kind of an artist do you want to become?


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