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How To Grow On Spotify By Playlists

Posted by Yoanna Petkova on May 17, 2019 11:18:25 AM

For every Indie DIY artist on Spotify, the holy grail is to get on one of the most famous curated playlists. Playlists such as Daily, Release Radar, Discover Weekly and many more are the ultimate way to gain popularity.




How Spotify works?

Spotify is working through playlists. There are millions of algorithm generated playlists, editorial playlists, or Spotify user-generated playlists. Playlists are a great way to quickly increase your number of streams, fan base, and to get your music to millions of people worldwide.

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There are 3 types of playlists on Spotify:

User-Generated playlists:

These playlists are made by the users of Spotify. User-generated playlists are important for understanding the psychology of your fans - what type of music they like and when they listen to it. For Spotify, this playlists and saves in the library are later on used to generate music recommendations.


user playlist


Personalized Playlist:

Personalized or Algorithmic playlists are differently personalized for every listener based on his previous activity and taste. Some of the most popular personalized playlists are - Discover Weekly, Daily Mix, Release Radar and seasonal playlists for special occasions (Christmas, Easter, etc.).


When you publish your song on the app, Spotify looks at all the data that can possibly acquire from your music and from you. Each play, skip, save and add to playlist are important for Spotify algorithms - and how it will place your track in a playlist.


spotify playlist


Editorial Playlist:

Playlists that have the Spotify logo are considered to be Editorial playlists and are curated by music specialists working for Spotify. They create playlists based on genre, culture and current trends in the music industry. Editorial playlists are also a great way to be exposed to millions of listeners.


editorial playlist


How does an Indie artist climb to be featured on an algorithmic/ editorial playlist?


1. Create a Spotify For Artist Account

If you haven't done it already - go and register for Spotify For Artists. When you fill in the needed information, you will need to become verified before you can start spreading the world with your music.


Once you are set with your profile and information, you can start releasing your tracks. From your professional account, you can access inforamtional analytics about your song performance. Make sure, you check those statistics and learn which of your tracks perform better, it will also give you an overlook of your popularity so far.


2. Before You Release a New Track

Before delivering new music, you should always aim to hype your audience before the release. Inform your fans about your upcoming music by posting behind the scenes sneak previews on your social media. Another great approach to ensure a successful start of your song on Spotify is to get your upcoming song on a promotion channel on and any other social media.


There are many music promoters that are willing to boost your plays by adding your future music to their playlists or featuring it on their music podcasts. Make sure to research the promoter first - how much it will cost and if their fan base is enough or the right for your music.


Remember that the more playlists your song is featured on, the better it is for the Spotify ranking system.


4. Think Long-Term


Business man pointing to transparent board with text What are Your Goals?


Before you begin your Spotify path, think of your end-game - what do you want to accomplish? Do you want to be just a one-time hit artist or to grow within the music industry? if it's the latter, you would want to convert those playlist listeners into fans.


By continuing to provide your listeners with great value, transparency, and good music they will be converted into followers in no time.

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