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Posted by Joris Bos on Nov 21, 2018 3:09:10 PM
Joris Bos

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The music industry has changed enormously the last couple of decades. Artists and composers are now capable of building up direct relationships with their fans. Having said that: in order to do so, they need the right data. Only with that data, music creators can protect their copyright. I see music as an art form that needs to be available to as many people as possible. But in my opinion, art always need to be protected, because in its essence it is vulnerable. Artist and composers should be able to follow the flow of their music.

Internet has brought us lots of great things: social media, information on just about anything you can think of ! But it also brought a total loss of control over the distribution channels. Musicians and labels were used to record a track, get it pressed on vinyl or cd and ship it to the record store. Now you just record a track in your home studio and stream it directly to  the major platforms.

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Digital distribution brought us a lot of advantages, but there could be some negative side effects as well. Anyone can make a digital copy of your song and use it without you knowing it.  This does not have to be a bad thing, necessarily, but you can also imagine some very unwanted scenarios. What if your beautiful love song is being used to promote violence or guns or extremist ideas? Or what if somebody else makes a lot of money by using your music to promote their video? In that case you would at least want to know what’s happing with your art so you can decide for yourself what should be done.

Nowadays YouTube has the same impact that TV used to have in peoples life. Millions of people are using YouTube and other video platforms to spread their ideas, share their music or just to have fun. The impact is huge and with it the importance of knowing what is going on there…Everybody can upload their video’s with great content and music to go along with it.

I am working since two years for TRCKtrace and we developed a very successful model in which we follow your music. We provide you with the tools to monitor the usage.  Based on our detailed reports, you have the freedom to decide  what should be done with your music. You can chose to put an add to it for monetizing; you can chose to have it taken down or just leave it out there for free. But at least: you know what is going on !

TRCKTrace is all about music and the fun and excitement it brings. We just want to provide you with the tools to know what is happening with your work, the rest is up to you. Our aim is to help enjoy a free and open web by providing insight in the usage for content creators.  A world in which even more content will be created, viewed and shared, shared also with the people who really made the music.

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