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Is Streaming a Blessing or a Curse for the Music Industry?

Posted by Yoanna Petkova on Mar 6, 2019 2:00:00 PM


Nowadays, entering the most advanced technologies in the music industry, where we can do just about everything – uploading and listening to music from the comfort of our home, we cannot stop but think:


Is Streaming a Blessing or a Curse for the Music Industry?

Think about it, in the past, if you were a new coming artist or producer, you had to go to all lengths of signing with a label, distributing your physical copies worldwide and hoping that all of the investments will be worth it. However, now it is simplified in a way that you can upload your newest track in one of the many streaming platforms and get noticed.


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But is it as easy as it sounds?

Many will call this a blessing – relatively cheap publicity, wide customer base and a chance to become famous. Currently, uploading a record is made easy and convenient way to distribute music to basically everyone who uses music streaming platforms. Next to that, it is also shown that digital services become more and more in favor of usage by the regular consumers, in contrast to using traditional/ physical services. Thus, resulting the digital downloads and streaming of music to account for more sales made than their physical (CDs & Vinyl) counterparts.

However, there are also negative sides of streaming your music. One of it is that, once it goes online, you lose control over your track – it can be shared, downloaded, used everywhere without you knowing of this. This resulting in lost revenue, credibility and piracy. Another important point to make is that the streaming platforms are full of starting up artists. Meaning that it will be really hard to get noticed without the use of external help – promoting and other tools to help you gain popularity.

How can I gain control over my music?

It may sound scary that once you upload something online, you lose total control over it and people can use your song for their own gain, without you getting anything out of it. However, TRCKtrace can help you to gain full control over your music. With the help of an intelligent software we can track down and identify where your music is being played and then help you collect what is rightfully yours. One of the biggest perks of working with TRCKtrace is that you decide what happens with your music, whether it is to monetize it, leave it for free, or take it down – you are in control and we will help you achieve this!

In conclusion, there are fair enough points for both arguments – whether it is a blessing or a curse. However, we have to accept the fact that this is how the future looks like for the music industry. Most importantly, when uploading a new song - we need to be able to control the outcome of it


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